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Your Financial Success Begins Here 

Ready to Transform Your Finance?

Our Services

Result driven program for qualifying businesses to double net profit by applying 12 financial strategies increasing top line revenue while applying expense control. The 6-month program includes One on One coaching and a financial course with 6 Modules.

Personal Financial 

1:1 Coaching

  • Setting the right mindset

  • Establish personal budget based on your values

  • Create a debt repayment plan that maximizes your cash flow

  • Identify ways to save money and increase personal cash flow

  • Develop strategies to generate passive income

  • Financial planning to grow your money 

Program includes:

Deep dive 

6 one to one coaching sessions

Private Facebook group


Startup Consulting Package

1:1 Coaching 


  • Customized Business Plan

  • Financial Projections

  • Identify Startup Costs

  • Calculate Break-Even

  • Pricing Analysis

  • Financing Structures

  • Budgeting

  • Mid-Year Evaluation 


Program includes:


Customized Business Plan

Customized Financial Analysis 

one:one coaching sessions




Business Cash Flow

Accelerated Program

1:1 Coaching

10-Week Program

Module 1: Mindset

 Step 1: Abundance Mindset

Module 2: Financial Basics

 Step 2: Budget

 Step 3: Golden Egg

Module 3: Price/Cost

 Step 4: Price Adjustment

 Step 5: Cost Adjustment

Module 4: Operation Efficiency

 Step 6: Optimizing Operation Efficiency

 Step 7: Improving Cash Cycle

Module 5: Growth

 Step 8: Referrals/Affiliates

Step 9: Strategies for Golden Egg

Module 6: Accelerate Result

 Step 10: Grow Your Money 

$2,237  with 10 

1:1 coaching sessions

Customized Financial Templates

Course Videos/Workbook

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Cassie Ferrer is an Award-Winning financial leader. She worked in the financial industry for over 14 years. While working at the financial institutions, she developed deep passion in helping individuals and businesses to achieve financial success.


In 2019, she started Numbers Nerd Consulting, LLC helping small businesses to improve financial health by optimizing operation efficiency and increasing business cash flow.

Cassie’s academic background includes a BA in Finance and Marketing and an MBA. She is also a CPA candidate.

Jessica Rosario, Owner/Manager

 Exclusive Cleaning Services LLC

My husband and I have been working with Cassie since early March 2020. This was right before us facing the Covid 19 Pandemic. Thank God we crossed paths at a networking event. Cassie is committed to helping others and she has been strategically guiding us with our business and personal finances. She supports us, holds us accountable and is a mentor to us. Anyone that works with Cassie Ferrer is lucky to have her by their side. 

Isabel Mwachullah Draughon, Co-Founder

VizX Design Studios


Cassie Ferrer is really good. She's helped me understand financials better. She's been in the financial industry for years, contact her.

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